Services we offer

Technology: HPLC,GC,GC-HS, Ion Chromatography, ICP-OES, XRD, PSD, DSC, Dissolution, CHNS (O), BET Surface Area, SEM

Studies: Analytical Method Development, Validation, Force Degradation Studies, Technology Transfer, Reverse Engineering, Multimedia Dissolution Profile, Geno Toxic Impurities, Preformulation Studies, Residual Solvents, Stability Studies, Pharmaceuticals Analysis

Analytical Solutions

The state of art facility of Promas Research Laboratories is well equipped with high end instruments capable of catering the pharmaceutical industry with the best analytical services. The high end analytical services can be offered to the clients for local and international markets.

Formulation Development

Promas Research Laboratories aspires to develop, produce and market QuaSE medicines which ensures Quality life to the entire humanity.

Promas Research Labaratories Pvt. Ltd.

Promas has been synonymous with trust and quality for over 28 years. And now with Promas Research Laboratories we look forward to reinforce the same, Innovations results from research and experimentation.


USFDA FEI Number : 3011560035